I am Shaheera. They, my friends, called me Eewa, Cheewa, Wayne & vampire too. 19. I am weird. Im a girl with braces.
You can find me on facebook/twitter
at @eerawayne. Insta: shaheewa
Damn its like a year tak online and update blog . Nothing nak story . but just a lots of thing dah BERUBAH . Serioushit . Hampir the whole things had changed . From negatif to positif , positif to negatif and from from negatif to hyper negatif . What the Hell man ? What in the earth that made THAT PEOPLE'S HEART change ? Oh god i begging you , give me back their old's heart :'(

Hm nothing change at me . Just badan gua semakin membuak besarnya . Err eera just stop eating please --'

My school , my dorm & my nfriends ?
Dont ask about it , cause it SUPERFUCKINGCOOL :)

I've got new SISTAS . They 're so freaking gorjes . Nama mereka adalah Kakak Sofia , Kakak Fika Z & Kakak Aien . Sebaik aku takde abang , kalau tak dah lama aku adjust dorang for my brotharr HAHA .

Thats all aku mau cerita . HAHAH XD