I am Shaheera. They, my friends, called me Eewa, Cheewa, Wayne & vampire too. 19. I am weird. Im a girl with braces.
You can find me on facebook/twitter
at @eerawayne. Insta: shaheewa

Will do.

Life is short isn't it? Even what we want to do, we did not have enough time to do it. Entah esok entah lusa kita dah pergi. Sometimes I think I'm to far floated by sins. To many.. to much. When I wanna get back to the right place, my heart says " will God accept my apolagies? " I'm too bad. But believe me, i will change what Im used to be and be someone that 'berguna'. Yes, I always pray that I can be a woman with akhlak yang mulia, success in everything & With Allah's will i can be what I wanna be.

You know, SPM result in few month je. Maybe 21 March 2013. I want 5As above because with that result only my parents will get proud with me.

InshaAllah, with Allah's will.